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3rd Annual 5K Turkey Trot Trail Run/Walk

Thanks to all of our runners and walkers who were not deterred by the snow or the cold and helped make this race a success!

Race Results:

Will Lowrey125:31 
Nate Lowrey226:04 
Greg Bagnato327:23 
Josh Kahan428:07 
Jeremy Kehoe529:25 
Dave Phillips629:38 
# 375 (name coming!)730:43 
Kathleen Oscadal830:45 
Christian Jones930:50 
David Glueck1031:22 
Brett Tofel1132:09 
Steve Glazer1232:15 
Julio Lopez1332:40 
KJ Oppenheimer1432:46 
Jon Stableford1534:10 
Eric Lopez1634:31 
Lucy Glueck1734:5310
Taj Bagnato1835:0110
Cliffy Ransom1935:4013
Tait Linehan2036:2012
Chiron Clilia Denk2136:2712
Audra Charron2237:13 
Sarah North2337:40 
Barrie North2337:40 
Abigail Langsner2538:16 
Ellen Bagnato2638:23 
Stuart Crocker2738:38 
Jessica Tidman2728:38 
# 3562838:47 
Polly deMille2938:50 
Corinne Gaugler3038:53 
Heather Malacaria3138:57 
Richard Seigel3239:08 
Sarah Glueck3339:12 
Cindy Clueck3439:20 
Barbara Hermann3539:22 
Andrew Langsner3641:25 
Siobhan Lopez3742:47 
Denise Perkins3742:47 
Meredith Reilly3844:49 
Tom Reilly3944:52 
Emily Reilly4045:00 
Jackson Ransom4145:37 
Simon North4245:38 
Knute Linehan4345:39 
Joanne Oscadal4451.23 
Janet Wallace4552.48 
Harley Ransom4654:08 
Kathleen Penny4755:05 
Liz Hall481:00.48 
Alex Langsner501:01.14 
Ingrid Webb51walker 
David Webb52walker 
Tracy McFadden53walker 
Laurie Berkencamp54walker 
Ann Kynor55walker 
Clay Kynor56walker 










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